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Silver and Gold Earrings Collection

Silver and Gold Earrings Collection

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Introducing the captivating Silver & Gold Earrings Collection, meticulously crafted in Indonesia with a blend of 18k Gold and 925 Silver.

Each piece exudes exotic mystique and charm, making it the perfect special gift for any occasion. Be enchanted by the stunning packaging that complements the ethically sourced and beautifully designed jewelry, inspiring confidence and elegance with every wear.

Angel Wings Earrings:

- Height with Drop: 2cm
- Fitting: Hook
- Weight: 5 grams (together)

Tribal Drops Earrings:

- Height with Drop: 3.8cm
- Fitting: Hook
- Weight: 3 grams (together)

Classic Round Earrings:

- Height with Drop: 1.7cm
- Diameter: 1.2cm
- Fitting: Hook
- Weight: 3 grams (together)

Square Drop Earrings:

- Height with Drop: 1.4cm
- Fitting: Hook
- Weight: 2 grams (together)

Mandala Hearts Earrings:

- Height with Drop: 1.6cm
- Fitting: Hook
- Weight: 3 grams (together)

Indulge in the allure of mixed Gold & Silver jewelry pieces, each uniquely designed with its own distinctive features to enhance your style and radiate elegance and confidence. Elevate your look with these exquisite pieces that embody the essence of artistry and sophistication.

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