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Bath Soak Set - Passion

Bath Soak Set - Passion

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Transform your customers' bathrooms into a private spa retreat with our Wild Hare Salt & Flowers Set. Elevate their daily bath into a luxurious ritual for body and soul. Encased in elegant gift boxes, this set includes color-coordinated:

- 350g Bath Salt (Ylang Ylang, Lemon & Orange)

- 8 Soap Roses

- 8 Soap Sunflowers

Crafted with natural salts and essential oils, this set promises an exceptional aromatherapeutic experience.

The unique aroma blends offer stimulating, relaxing, detoxifying, or warming effects, creating a personalized spa experience. 

The luxurious soap flower petals dissolve gently in warm water, adding a touch of opulence to every bath. 

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