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Bath Salts in Vials - Gift Pack for 7 days a week

Bath Salts in Vials - Gift Pack for 7 days a week

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Elevate your bath time routines to a luxurious spa-like experience. This meticulously curated gift pack features seven unique blends, each tailored for a different day of the week. From soothing floral scents to energizing citrus blends, this collection offers a diverse range of options to create a relaxing and rejuvenating ambiance in the comfort of their homes.

Indulge in the following scents:

- Sensual: Floral and sweet indulgence

- Relax: Calming lavender for unwinding

- Harmony: Citrus and spice for balance

- Energise: Refreshing citrus and ginger for a boost

- Detox: Purifying sea salt and evening primrose

- Clarity: Invigorating salvia and rosemary for focus

- Skin Revive: Nourishing sea salt and vitamin E for skin rejuvenation

Each vial in this gift pack contains a single-use portion of bath salts, ideal for those seeking a quick escape or wishing to switch scents regularly. Perfect for gifting or personal indulgence, this pack includes 7x 40g vials of bath salts. Enhance your self-care rituals and offer them a touch of luxury with this versatile and pampering collection. 

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