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Gem Stone Candles

Gem Stone Candles

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Introducing our Gem Stone Candles! Each have a burning time of 34 hours, these stunning scented candles are the perfect choice for those seeking an invigorating burst of energy. 


Ginger and Tiger Eye - Vitality

Energize your senses and embrace vitality with a scent of zesty ginger that revitalizes the atmosphere and awakens your senses. Embedded within the wax is a mesmerizing tiger eye gemstone known for its courageous and motivating vibrations, empowering you to approach life with vigour and resilience.


Green Tea and Citrine - Positivity

Experience positivity and upliftment, this candle features a refreshing green tea scent that fills your space with vitality and optimism. In the wax is a luminous citrine gemstone, known for manifesting abundance, enhancing creativity, and bringing joy and positivity to your surroundings.


Jasmine and Crystal Quartz - Spiritual Balance

Experience spiritual balance and tranquillity, this candle features a calming jasmine fragrance that fills your space with serenity and uplifts the spirit. Within the wax is a translucent crystal quartz gemstone, known for harmonizing the mind, amplifying positive energy, and enhancing spiritual clarity.


Mint and Moonstone - Inner Growth

Discover personal growth and transformation with this handmade candle that has a refreshing mint scent that awakens the senses and encourages self-discovery. A shimmering moonstone gemstone is embedded in the wax, helps promoting intuition, emotional balance, and inner transformation.


Patchouli and Green Aventurine - Good Luck

Invite prosperity and abundance into your life with our enchanting candle, it features the earthy and exotic aroma of patchouli, creating an aura of fortune and success. Immerse yourself in its fragrance as a beautiful green aventurine gemstone attracts luck, opportunities, and emotional well-being. 

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